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We are proud paw-rents of Cookie – toy poodle – and Juno – golden retriever. Cookie joined our family in 2016 and Juno a year later. Looking back at them when they were puppies, it never ceases to amaze us how they would go on to leave such an incredibly enormous impact on our lives despite their small sizes.

From the moment they joined our family, Cookie and Juno have always marvelled us with their love and loyalty. They have brought us so much joy and happiness and are always so excited and overjoyed when they see us coming home – even if we have only been away for a few minutes.

Since they were puppies, Cookie and Juno have very different personalities. On one hand, Cookie is witty, playful and vain. On the other hand, Juno is sweet, calm and patient. You can have a lot of fun with Cookie playing fetch, or just sit quietly with Juno to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. They have very different temperaments, behaviours and attitudes.

Like what most new dog owners do, we started off looking for dog collars, harnesses and leashes with the hope that they will match their personality. We bought many cute and sweet-looking walking accessories for them. Unfortunately, they were largely ill-fitting and uncomfortable for our doggos.

Gradually, we began to pay more attention to the products that we were buying for them. We started to scrutinise the designs, quality and comfort of the dog collars, harnesses and leashes closely. We believe that much like the clothes and the accessories you wear help to reflect your lifestyle and attitude, the gear that your dog wears also signifies its personality and flair. While there is a saying “you get what you paid for”, we do not believe that premium quality products should have to cost us an arm and a leg. So we were glad that the products we found were value for money and affordable.

After months of research and searching, we realised that the attitude, belief and passion of the manufacturers are equally – if not more – important than the end products. Quite frankly, we had a bias towards manufacturers who are dogs lovers themselves. We believe they can best appreciate what are best for the dogs. Hence, we were so excited when we managed to find these accessories manufacturers who are not only truly passionate about what they do, but are also dogs lovers too! We bought many of their products ourselves, ranging from accessories to food, and we love them for their great designs, premium quality and high standard of craftsmanship.

During this process, the idea of having a store that allows us to bring in premium quality products to the paw-rents community began to form. The desire to start it grew stronger and stronger every day. Finally, with just tons of passion – Two Dogs Company is borne. And, you are absolutely right! The name is inspired by our two dogs!

Being paw-rents for several years now, whenever we look at Cookie and Juno, we see loyal friends, we see personality, we see family. With their unconditional love, their loyalty and the immense amount of joy that they bring to our family, they are worth every dog hair. We want to give them that little bit extra. We believe many paw-rents feel the same way too. After all, they are our family! They are angels with four paws! People may not know how much we love our dogs, but that’s ok. Our doggos know it, and that’s enough.

As the saying goes “Dogs are only a part of our life but we are everything that they have got”. So love them more as we truly believe they deserve more.

From us to you, and on behalf of all the dogs, thank you for loving your doggos!

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