Honey Care | Petrichor Dog Pee Pad [NEW]

  • Leak-proof, durable and strong
  • Ultra-absorbent dog pee pad
  • Enhanced Fragrance
  • Exceptional Thickness
  • 7 layers of protection


  • Small (450 x 330 mm) – 88 pcs
  • Medium (600 x 450 mm) – 44 pcs
  • Large (900 x 600 mm) – 22 pcs


Introducing our innovative Petrichor Pee Pads, designed with a host of exceptional features to enhance your pet care experience:

Enhanced Fragrance: We’ve infused these pads with a delightful fragrance factor, ensuring a pleasant aroma fills your space.

Exceptional Thickness: With an abnormal thickness, these pads are built to handle even the heaviest of volume absorption, making them a reliable choice for pet owners.

A & B Design Variations: Choose from two trendy design printings, A and B, to suit your style.

Our 7-layer core is the key to ensuring a watertight, fast, and instant absorption, without any water seepage or reverse osmosis issues. Each layer plays a unique role:

The upper layer swiftly absorbs moisture.
The middle layer locks in the liquid.
The lower layer has a special coating.
The bottom layer is completely waterproof.
Additionally, our pads feature Japan’s advanced antibacterial polymer, incorporating patented technology that releases a pleasant aroma upon contact with water. This polymer can absorb water up to 60 times its own weight. Thanks to these seven layers of protection, our L size pee pad can absorb a remarkable 2400ml of liquid, M size can handle 1200ml, and S size can absorb 600ml, all without any leakage.

Considering the average daily urine output of dogs, which is about 5-6 times a day, we recommend changing the pad daily to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your pet.

What sets our Petrichor pad apart is the exclusive patent of a 3D cone-type funnel perforated film on the upper layer. This innovative design efficiently diverts liquid, expanding the suction surface and improving overall performance.

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