Honey Care | Thicker Absorbent Dog Pee Pads [NEW]


Honey Care Thicker Absorbent Pads is highly absorbent, made with high-density, funnel-shaped structure that prevents reverse osmosis, side leakage and tracking.

With 7 layers of protection, the large side pee pad is able to absorb up to 4000ml water or 1400ml salt solution without leakage.

Honeycare Thicker Absorbent Pad is the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking a cleaner and more comfortable environment for their beloved companions.



  • 450 x 330 mm – 80 pcs
  • 600 x 450 mm – 40 pcs
  • 900 x 600 mm- 20 pcs

Leak proof, no side leakage, Controls odours, Highly absorbent

1. Unparalleled Thickness: Our thick suction urine pads are 80% thicker than ordinary options available on the market. This substantial thickness addresses the issue of large urine output from pets, particularly during situations where pet owners are unable to walk their dogs immediately or under special circumstances. With Honeycare Thicker Absorbent Pad, a single pad can last throughout the day, even for pets with bowel issues.

2, Pyramid 7-Layer Water-Locking Structure: Thanks to our advanced water-locking technology, which utilizes a 7-layer pyramid structure, our urine pads ensure superior absorption. Hundreds of thousands of water-absorbing factors rapidly expand upon contact with liquid, effectively locking in moisture and preventing reverse osmosis.

3. Sumitomo Polymer and Double-Core “Core” Strength: To combat wet paws and reverse seepage, we have carefully selected a double-layer of imported polymer and imported wood pulp. This combination provides exceptional water absorption, minimizing the diffusion area and effectively locking in moisture. With Honeycare Thicker Absorbent Pad, say goodbye to unsightly paw prints and wet surfaces.

4. Enhanced Deodorization and Care: Our urine pads feature a powerful deodorant factor, instantly capturing and locking in odors for an extended period. Crafted from super soft hydrophilic non-woven fabric, they provide a luxurious feel and are suitable for puppies, elderly dogs, and sick dogs alike. The pads not only ensure effective odor control but also offer optimal care, reducing the frequency of pad changes.

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