PUPSTYLE Dog Parent Pouch


This is not your normal poop bag holder or waste bag dispenser! Nuh-uh, this is the world’s first (that we know of) full-service Dog Parent Pouch for every Dog Mom and Dog Dad, made with stunning Vegan Leather and featuring multiple pockets to separate your poop bags from all your valuables!


Like a diaper bag is for parents, the Dog Parent Pouch is for all true dog mums and dads who need more than just a simple poop bag holder or waste bag dispenser. When you’re on your way to the park and need your phone and treats handy for insta-pics, the Dog Parent Pouch is your newest lifesaver for storing all your valuables in separate pockets – away from the poop!

Featuring 3 internal pockets secured with velcro to separate your phone from your poop bags and valuables.

Designed with a discrete Smart Slot for quick and easy access to your poop bags from the front.

Including a strong snap hook to attach safely onto the O-Ring on your leash.

Fits most smart phones in regular phone cases, including the current largest iPhone XS Max and anything smaller, plus the current largest Samsung Note 8 and S9+ in regular phone cases. And as always, you’ll be walking in pure luxury with quick access to all your necessities!

Designed to hang fashionably from the sturdy O-Ring on your PUPSTYLE Leash, your poop bags are easily accessible from the smart slot in the front, whilst your keys, treats, money and valuables sit comfortably in the top pocket, secured by velcro so you can be sure they won’t fall out. Lastly, your smart phone sits flat in the back pocket without risk of being scratched and for easy access via the back zip when you spot a sudden Insta-pic opportunity!

Designed in Melbourne, Australia


Vegan leather outside, nylon inner

Material Care

Easy to clean with fabric protector spray, or when pressed with a soapy sponge and left to dry Keep rose gold hardware out of contact with perfumes, moisturisers and sunscreens. For best results, don’t allow Vegan Leather to soak through. Spot clean only.

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