PUPSTYLE Santorini Adventure Dog Harness


Adventurous dogs need support, without sacrificing on mobility and comfort. Adventuring can be hot work, which is why we made the adventure dog harness.

This dog harness design is open enough to keep your pup cool, but sturdy enough to never lose control or be slipped out of.

Featuring a leash ring attached on the front and the back of the dog harness. The front ring is there to re-train your strong puller to stop doing exactly that. When the leash is hooked on the front ring of the dog harness, pulling will turn them around the wrong way.



  • A no-pull front dog leash attachment to redirect dogs who pull on the lead
  • PUPSTYLE signature step-in style dog harness that never needs to go over the head or be readjusted just to put it on
  • A back dog leash attachment for longer adventures
  • Highest strength polyester strapping for the strongest pullers

This dog harness is designed in Melbourne, Australia

Material: Durable, woven polyester.

Durable weave polyester strapping
Easy to clean with a soapy sponge or simply throw in the washing machine on gentle cycle!
Keep metal hardware away from chemicals, sunscreens and perfumes to avoid tarnishing.

S 30.5 – 46cm
12 – 18.1in
38 – 54cm
14.9 – 21.2in
M 36 – 60cm
14.1 – 23.6in
48 – 70cm
18.9 – 27.5in
L 50 – 78cm
19.7 – 30.7in
64 – 100cm
25.2 – 39.4in

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