Whimzees | Occupy Antler Value Bag [NEW]


High quality natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, and flavouring dental treats for dogs.  Give one to your dog daily to ensure fresher breath and shiny teeth.


WHIMZEES® by Wellness long lasting treats are specificially designed to keep your dog busy. The unique antler shape was crafted to give your dog a healthy challenge that helps keep them engaged and chewing longer.
The longer the chew, the happier your dog is!

– Natural, rawhide-free, and infused with chamomile
– Long Chew Time = Long Fun Time
– Triple Care: Supports Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath, Healthy Gums*
– Grain Free Recipe
– All-Natural Ingredients
Feeding Instructions
Recommended for dogs 9 months and older. Once chew a day is recommended. Be sure that you dog has access to fresh water. As with any edible chew, monitor you dog while chewing. Ensure that your dog adequately chews the product. Do not feed the chew if you question your dog’s ability to adequately chew. Swallowing any item without adequately chewing may be harmful or fatal to a dog.

*When Chewed DailyS (24 pcs)

S – dogs weighing between 7-12kg and aged 9 months or older.

M – dogs weighing between 12-18kg and aged 9 months or older.

L – dogs weighing between 18-27kg and aged 9 months or older.

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