Whimzees Puppy Dental Treats


Help keep your puppy’s dental health in check with WHIMZEES® Puppy Dental Treats! Clean and good oral health starts from young.



Help keep your puppy’s dental health in check with WHIMZEES® Puppy Dental Treats!

Softer dental texture perfect for a puppy’s young teeth and sensitive gums
Calcium helps support a puppy’s growing teeth and bones
Perfect shape for grip and reach into the hard to reach areas of the mouth
Low calorie and limited ingredients
The same all natural ingredients as WHIMZEES
Two fun shapes mixed in each bag – Teddy Bear & Rubber Duck

For puppies 3+ months between 2.3-9kg for XS/S breeds & 9-18kg for M/L breeds

Whimzees Puppy XS/S (28 pcs)
Whimzees Puppy M/L (14 pcs)

Key Benefits:
WHIMZEES® for puppies are soft and gentle on puppy teeth and help remove plaque and tartar.
Contains calcium to help support your puppy’s growing teeth and bones.
The texture helps to get into those smaller hard-to-reach places as your pup chews.
100% natural recipe made with Non-GMO ingredients.
Grain-free and gluten-free for canine companions with food sensitivities and dietary restrictions.

Feeding Guidelines:
We recommend one properly sized dental chew per day.
Dental Chews is Not suitable for dogs under the age of 3 months.
Choose the correct dental chews size for your dog.
Dental chews is Not suitable for dogs under 5 pounds in weight.
Always have fresh water available for your dog.
As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the dog treat is adequately chewed. Swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing it may be harmful or even fatal to a dog.

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