YU | Lotus Soothing Formula Pets Shampoo

  • Comfort absolute for sensitive skins
  • Lotus extract soothes irritations and reduce inflammation
  • Witch Hazel refreshes skin and stops itchiness
  • Mild and gentle fragrance pampers and calms pet
  • 400ml



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YU Lotus Soothing Formula Shampoo gently cleanses and pampers your pet’s skin and coat.
Specially formulated with Lotus essence, this shampoo calms and soothes irritations, leaving your pet’s skin soft and comfortable.

Lotus extract contains vitamin A to reduce inflammation and Witch Hazel refreshes the skin and stops itchiness. The mild and gentle fragrance leaves your pet pampered and soothed.

Lotus Extract, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Vitamin B6 and Epilobium Fleischeri Extract

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