YU | Pomegranate Volumizing Formula Pets Shampoo

  • Bodifier volume
  • With Pomegranate extract
  • Nourishes hair and removes dullness
  • Add fullness and volume to coat
  • Exclusive scents of a captivating oriental bouquet
  • 400ml



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YU Pomegranate Volumizing Formula Shampoo adds fullness and boosts the volume of the coat.

This shampoo is fortified with Pomegranate extract that nourishes the hair, fortifying dull coat to give it a natural shine. Exclusive scents reveal a captivating oriental bouquet with a mist of pomegranate sweetness.

Pomegranate Extract, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Vitamin B6, Epilobium Fleischeri Extract

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