Zee.Dog | Mellow Ruff Dog Leash


Zee.Dog Shock Absorbent Ruff Leash

  1. Shock Absorbent
  2. Neoprene Padding
  3. Patented screw lock for security
  4. Lightweight

Length: 4 ft


Voted the best dog leash in the world by Pet Product News International, Zee Dog Ruff leashes are built to make your arms survive those harsh walks.

  • The polyurethane shock-absorbent spring absorbs the force so your shoulders and arms don’t
  • Neoprene padding on the handle for extra comfort on the hands
  • The high-quality super hook comes with a patented screw lock for security
  • Lightweight


  • Small 0 .8 in
  • Large 1 in


  • Small 4 ft
  • Large 4 ft

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