Zee.Dog | Nox Handsfree Dog Leash

  1. Handsfree dog leash
  2. Infinite adaptability
  3. Metal hook on the leash that’s easy to open and close
  4. E.Zee lock buckle
  5. Lightweight
  6. Equipped with reflective webbing.


  • 120 to 240cm (3 ft 3/4 in to 7 ft 10 in)

Take your dog for a walk and still stay connected with Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leash. The hands-free leash can be worn around the waist or shoulder using our E.zee lock adjustment buckle. This hands-free leash provides better control than handheld leashes and provides your dog and you with a more enjoyable walking experience.

Free up your hands to check your phone, or pick up poop!

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